Category Codes


See the table at end of list regarding range of sweetness based on residual sugar to determine “Dry” vs “Medium Dry, etc.    Wines entered in the wrong category will be moved to the correct category by the Director.   Additional categories may be created by the Director if necessary.


BRBOR  Bordeaux AOC
BRBORGC  Bordeaux Grand Cru Classe
BRBR   Red Bordeaux Rhone
BRBV  Red Bordeaux Varieties
BRLV    Red Languedoc Vin d’Pays
BRLA        Red Languedoc AOC
BRLGV     Red Languedoc Grand Vins
BRLGC     Red Languedoc Grand Crus
BRRV   Blended Red Rhone Varieties
BRRVA  Rhone Valley AOC
BRRVAC Rhone Valley AOC Cru
BRPV   Blended Red Portuguese Varieties
BRSV    Blended Red Spanish Varieties
BRIV  Blended Red  Italian Varieties
BRCHIAR   Chianti DOCG Riserva
BRST   Super Tuscan IGT
BRSTN   Super Tuscan New World
BRSWF   Red Southwest France AOC
BRTR    Tuscan Rosso DOC
BRUN    Brunello di Montalcino
BRUNR    Brunello di Montalcino Riserva
BRVA   Veneto DOCG Amarone
BRVN   Veneto DOC
BRVNP    Veneto DOC Passito
BRVNR    Veneto DOC Ripasso
BRVNM   Vino Nobile di Montepulciano
BRVNMR   Vino Nobile di Montepulciano Riserva
BRRIB   Ribera del Duero DO
RIOC   Rioja DO Crianza
RIOG   Rioja DO Gran Riserva
RIOR   Rioja DO Riserva
BRHD   Blended Red Hybrid Dry
BRHMD   Blended Red Hybrid Medium Dry
BRHMS   Blended Red Hybrid Medium Sweet
BRHS   Blended Red Hybrid  Sweet
BROTD    Blended Red Other Varietals Dry
BROTMD    Blended Red Other Medium Dry
BROTMS    Blended Red Other Medium Sweet
BROTS   Blended Red Other Sweet



RVAG   Aglianico
RVBA    Barbera
RVBR    Barbaresco
RVBO    Barolo
RVBJC    Beaujolais Cru
RVBJV   Beaujolais Villages
RVBUB    Burgundy Bourgogne
RVBUGC   Burgundy Grand Cru
RVBUPC   Burgundy Premier Cru
RVBUV    Burgundy Villages
RVCF    Cabernet Franc
RVCM   Carmenere
RVCRG  Carignan
RVCS  Cabernet Sauvignon
RVGM   Gamay
RVGN    Grenache
RVGR    Greek Varietal
RVICE    Red Ice Wine
RVIL  Lambrusco
RVIT   Red Italian Varietal
RVMB    Malbec
RVML    Merlot
RVMV  Mourvedre
RVNB   Nebbiolo
RVPN  Pinot Noir
RVPO  Red Portuguese Varietal
RVPS   Petite Sirah
RVPT    Primitivo
RVPTG  Pinotage
RVPV   Petit Verdot
RVSP    Spanish Varietal
RVSV   Sangiovese
RVSHZ  Shiraz
RVSY    Syrah
RVTN  Tannat
RVTP    Tempranillo
RVZN    Zinfandel
RVOTD   Red Varietal Other Dry
RVMD   Red Varietal Other Medium Dry
RVMS    Red Varietal Other Medium Sweet
RVSW    Red Varietal Other Sweet
RHCH  Red Hybrid Chambourcin
RHMD  Red Hybrid Other Medium Dry
RHMS    Red Hybrid Other Medium Sweet
RHNO   Red Hybrid Norton
RHOD   Red Hybrid Other Dry
RHOS    Red Hybrid Other Sweet


ROSED   Rose Dry
ROSEMD    Rose Medium Dry
ROSEMS    Rose Medium Sweet
ROSES   Rose Sweet
RHROSED   Red Hybrid Rose Dry
RHROSMD   Red Hybrid Rose Medium Dry
RHROSMS   Red Hybrid Rose Medium Sweet
RHRS   Red Hybrid Rose Sweet


BWBOR   Bordeaux Blanc AOC
BWBORGC Bordeaux Blanc Grand Cru Classe
BWBV    Blended White Bordeaux Varieties
BWHD    Hybrids Dry
BWHMD   Hybrids Medium Dry
BWHMS    Hybrids Medium Sweet
BWHS   Hybrids Sweet
BWIT   Blended White Italian Varieties
BWLV    White Languedoc Vin d’Pays
BWLA     White Languedoc AOC
BWLGV     White Languedoc Grand Vins
BWLGC    White Languedoc Grand Crus
BWRV   Blended White Rhone Varieties
BWSV   Blended White Spanish Varieties
BWVD   Blended White Varieties Dry
BWVMD   Blended White Varieties Medium Dry
BWVMS    Blended White Varieties Medium Sweet
BWVS   Blended White Varieties Sweet


WVAL   Albarino
WVBUB    Bourgogne Blanc
WVBUGC   Burgundy Blanc Grand Cru
WVBUM    Burgundy Macon
WVBUPC   Burgundy Blanc Premier Cru
WVBUV    Burgundy Blanc Villages
WVCGC   Chablis Grand Cru
WVCPC   Chablis Premier Cru
WVCV    Chablis Villages
WVCH    Chardonnay
WVCB    Chenin Blanc
WVGB  Grenache Blanc
WVGD   Gewurztraminer Dry
WVGMD   Gewurztraminer Medium Dry
WVGMS    Gewurztraminer Medium Sweet
WVGS    Gewurztraminer Sweet
WVGV  Gruner Veltliner
WGDR   Greek Varietal Dry
WGMD   Greek Varietal Medium Dry
WGMS    Greek Varietal Medium Sweet
WVICE   White Ice Wine
WVIT    White Italian Varietal
WVMAR  Marsanne
WMDR    Muscat Dry
WMMD   Muscat Medium Dry
WMMS    Muscat Medium Sweet
WMSW    Muscat Sweet
WMFZ    Muscat Frizzante
WPDW  White Premium Dessert
WVPB   Pinot Blanc
WVPGO  Pinot Grigio
WVPGS   Pinot Gris
WVRD  Riesling Dry
WVRMD    Riesling Medium Dry
WVRMS    Riesling Medium Sweet
WVRS   Riesling Sweet
WVRSSN    Roussanne
WVSB    Sauvignon Blanc
WVSE   Semillon
WVSP    White Spanish Varietal
WVTOR  Torrontes
WVVD  Verdelho
WVVG   Viognier
WVVJ  Verdejo
WVVM   Vermentino
WVOTD  White Varietal Other Dry
WVOMD  White Varietal Other Medium Dry
WVOMS    White Varietal Other Medium Sweet
WVOS    White Varietal Other Sweet
WHCD   White Hybrid Chardonnel
WHOD    White Hybrid Other Dry
WHOMD    White Hybrid Other Medium Dry
WHOMS    White Hybrid Other Medium Sweet
WHOS    White Hybrid Other Sweet
WHSV     White Hybrid Seyval
WHTR     White Hybrid Traminette
WHVB     White Hybrid Vidal Blanc
WHVG     White Hybrid Vignoles



CBRNV Brut Champagne Non-Vintage
CBTC Champagne Tetes de Cuvee
CBVIN Brut Champagne Vintage
CDSNV Demi-Sec Champagne Non-Vintage
CEDNV Extra Dry Champagne Non-Vintage
CRNV Rose Champagne Non-Vintage
CRTC Rose Champagne Tetes de Cuvee
CRVIN Rose Champagne Vintage
SCBNV    Sparkling Cava Brut Non-Vintage
SCBV   Sparkling Cava Brut Vintage
SCROS  Sparkling Cava Rose
SIBNV   Metodo Italiano Brut Non-Vintage
SIBV   Metodo Italiano Brut Vintage
SISB  Spumante Bianco
SISR  Spumante Rosso
SPBR    Prosecco Brut
SPDS    Prosecco Demi-Sec
SPED    Prosecco Extra Dry
SPFR    Prosecco Frizzante
SWBB   Sparkling Blanc de Blancs
SWBN   Sparkling Blanc de Noirs
SWBR  Sparkling Brut Non-Vintage
SWBV   Sparkling Brut Vintage
SWBZ   Sparkling Brut Zero/Natural
SWDS   Sparkling Demi-Sec
SWDX   Sparkling Doux
SWED   Sparkling Extra Dry
SWIL     Sparkling Italian Lambrusco
SWMO   Sparkling Moscato/Muscat
SWTC  Sparkling Tetes de Cuvee & Prestige Cuvee
SWOD  Sparkling Other Demi-Sec
SWSWT   Sparkling Sweet
SWRO   Sparkling Rose
SWRV  Sparkling Red
SWNT   Sparkling Non-Traditional Grapes
SWFL  Sparkling Flavored (Almond, Berry, etc)
SWFR  Sparkling Fruit


OTFLA   Flavored
OTFRT   Fruit Wine
OTRF  Other Wines, "Refreshing" Style
OTSAN  Sangria
OSAKE  Sake and other Rice Wine
ORICE  Makegeolli and Rice Wine other than Sake
OMEAD  Mead and other Honey WineOTFLA   Flavored
* Above categories will be grouped by grape or fruit variety, with additional codes added as needed based on entries.

DESSERT WINES (Non-Fortified)

DWBAR Barsac
DWRB Red botrytised
DWRICE  Red Ice Wine
DWWICE White Ice Wine
DWRLH Red variety late harvest
DWSAU Sauternes
DWVS Vin Santo
DWWB White variety botrytised
DWWLH White variety, late harvest



FMDC    Madeira, Colheita
FMDR    Madeira, Dry
FMMD  Madeira, Medium Dry
FMMR   Madeira, Medium Rich
FMRICH    Madeira, Rich
FPAT   Port, Aged Tawny
FPATC    Port, Aged Tawny Colheita
FPLBV    Port, Late Bottled Vintage
FPSQ   Port, Single Quinta Vintage
FPVC   Port, Vintage Character (non-vintage)
FPVIN   Port, Vintage
FPRUB  Port, Ruby
FVLQ    Fruit Liqueur
FWSD    Sherry, Fino
FWSM    Sherry, Manzanilla
FWSMD    Sherry, Medium Dry
FWSMS    Sherry, Medium Sweet
FWVD    Vermouth, Dry
FWVS    Vermouth, Sweet
FROT    Fortified Red Other
FRHS   Fortified Red Hybrid Sweet
FWOT    Fortified White Other


DSAG    Armagnac
DSCG   Cognac
DSCV   Calvados
DSCL    Cream Liqueur
DSEDV    Eau de Vie
DSGB    Grape Brandy
DSGR    Grappa

If you do not find a code that seems appropriate for your wine, you can still enter it.  Leave the code space blank and we will code it, or create a new code if needed.   Be sure to give accurate information about the composition of the wine, its ingredients, additives, etc as well as the percentage of residual sugar so that we can code it properly.


Range of Sweetness based on Residual Sugar

Please state Residual Sugar as a percentage of volume, not Grams per Liter or other measurement.
Note:   1 gram per liter = .1 gram per 100ml =  .1% RS
Numbers given will be assumed to be percentage.   If exact percentage is not known, an reasonably close estimate is acceptable.  Incomplete or inaccurate information may result in your wine not being judged at best advantage so please enter this number carefully.    Only numbers can be recorded, so do not write descriptions such as "dry", "none", "NA" etc. 

Dry  =   less than 0.6% (except Rieslings, less than 1%)
Medium Dry  =   0.6  - 1.49%  (except Riesling which is 1% to 1.49%)
Medium Sweet  =   1.5  - 4.9%
Sweet   =   5.0%   and higher








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